9 tricks to help you write a blog post in under 30 minutes

Up against a deadline? That next blog post is due within the hour, and you’re still looking at a blank page? Never fear, we have 9 tricks to get your post written and posted in less than 30 minutes.

It happens to even seasoned bloggers, your deadline is looming, and somehow your un-written post is still sitting there. It’s nothing but a blank page, due in less than an hour. It might seem like an impossible task, but before you admit defeat, take a look at the 9 tricks sure to help you write a blog post in under 30 minutes.

  1. Minimise distractions. Seems basic, but on a practical level, you’re unlikely to meet a tight deadline if you’re constantly being interrupted. Seat yourself somewhere quiet, with your phone off, and your emails minimised.
  2. Have a plan of attack. It doesn’t have to be detailed, and let’s face it, you don’t have time for detail! But spend a few minutes thinking about the structure of your post – will you include a bulleted list? An infographic? What will the call-to-action (CTA) be?
  3. It doesn’t have to be a 100% original concept. In his post on coming up with new ideas, The Copybot founder, Demian Farnworth credits repackaging an old idea so it seems new, as one way of coming up with new ideas.
  4. Dip into older posts or copy. And on that note, how many times have you written a piece, only to scrap it and start again? Sometimes the copy we’ve ditched can actually be great in a different post or context. So, search for old drafts, posts and copy that didn’t make the cut and grab what could be valuable content from the cutting room floor, as Demian explains in his post on pillaging old content for new ideas.
  5. Use complementary content. Use genuinely helpful, existing content you have to complement your copy. Think, a relevant infographic (give credit if not your own), guides or charts.
  6. Just start writing. Just start, even if you’re not sure, sometimes just putting finger to key can give you the inspiration you need.
  7. Don’t overthink it. Once you’ve started writing, don’t overthink it or second guess yourself – you can leave that to the editing stage.
  8. Don’t edit until it’s done. Don’t be tempted to edit as you go, it can be hard to write and edit at the same time, as they’re two different functions. Get it written down, and then look to make changes once you’re ready to proofread.
  9. Don’t beat yourself up if it’s not perfect. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective about our own writing, especially if written under pressure. Write, then proof, make edits, then hit send!

Have a go. Employ some (or all) of these techniques when you’re pressed for time, but remember, when it comes to getting out great content in record time, it really comes down to giving readers the answers to the questions they have and being clear and concise. Your post doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) ramble on for thousands of words. State the question, aim to answer it effectively, and get those words onto the page.

What are some of your techniques to write a blog post in under 30 minutes? Post your answers below.

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